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20 effective ways to build a better customer experience

There is no secret that customer support is essential nowadays. But I find that it’s also necessary to build trust and relationship between the customer. We also have to make sure, we meet their expectations and provide a better service to their business.

After working with WordPress and being a Customer Support Executive, I believe that personal touch to any relations to any business works way too good. WordPress gives an opportunity to work in many different channels; you never require to have only technical skills to work with WordPress.

Competitions and the difference between the customer service Then & Now!

A long time ago, there were fewer competitions due to the limited availability of goods and services.

People are having fewer options of ‘what to buy’ and ‘where to buy.’ There was a monopoly of the business. I remember my childhood days, where I used to go with my Grand Parents in Vegetable Market (Sabji Mandi). I always find my Grandparents buying the same things from the same place. Not only vegetables sometimes clothes too.

If we compare in today’s situation, we are having lots of options for a similar product to purchase from the number of online shops. There are more competitions due to the massive market of the Internet. For me, there are two worlds, physical and internet, where the internet is like the second world of shopping and living. Most people already have stopped visiting their town shop, and buying from the internet.

As we can see, there are 60% of our daily work and living are spent on the internet, and 40% in real life, that includes, food, time spent with family, friends or children. So more than half the time of our life we are living in an internet world, and we gradually search for Human experience or support.

Because according to Market strategies, to increase the sell and maintain the relationship between your customer without even meeting personally, you need to do extra. And what you think that should be? How you increase your sell? Are they offering a less price? Or if you higher the price? By doing this, you probably going to have a loss or cost higher can lose your customer.

So the best thing is to deliver your best services by providing them extra support and care. Due to the rise in technology due to which it is require to share personal touch, trust, loyalty, face value, and brand.

Give your customer a reason to work with you!



According to the book Marketing Metrics, businesses have a 60 to 70% chance of selling to an existing customer while the probability of selling to a new customer is only 5% to 20%.


  • Build their trust
  • Keep engaging your customers

Build their confidence by attending them as quickly as possible. The moment you take the customer for granted is the moment you start losing your customers. It is essential to stay connected with the client and provide a better solution with more efficiency.


  • Provide your Attention
  • Solve their doubts
  • Ask regularly, if they are happy working with the product

Reply as quickly as possible and help them when they need it. I understand, sometimes, we do not find solutions for some of their queries.

And what you do at that time?

Let me share, what I do. I ask my customer to provide sometime while I look into the solutions and get back to him. This way we can build a definite connection, that helps to sell your products 🙂

Don’t take as forever to come back 🙂

“If you do not take care of your customers, then Someone else will”

4. Add your personal Touch

  • Take their problem as yours
  • The balance between Human and technology

Let me share my own experience:

Ones the customer visited my online chat, and asked, “If I am a computer chatbot or a person. Because I do not want to talk to the computer.”

At this point, something clicked to me. Why customer service is necessary. Every person in this world, require personal care and attention to feel good and receive appropriate guidance. We do not always trust technology; it needs some extra care to provide immense experience to our loved ones as well as customers. 🙂

Personal touch to any solution give immense attention of your customer

So the balance between technology and Human is most important to build a better customer experience. Take their problem as yours and try to resolve and priorities between some customers you receive at a time.

5. Be Responsive & Polite

Polite words and Humble request are the Key points of customer service.

  • In any situation be humble
  • If there are any boiling situations:- Use words and feed them some Rosogolla to add sweetness in the case, with an apology sometime.
  • It helps to coordinate, and the customer will start to listen to you. And help them to understand what is possible to achieve with your product and what is not.

Remember, Apology is not always necessary, but yes in some conditions like:

When we late in replying to the customer. Customer support is all about quick response and quick solutions or gives some hope to get the answers.

So when there is anything missed from our side, the apology is needed. So try to avoid such situations and keep your essential Doc link handy to share as quickly as possible. 🙂

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”That quote comes from Simon Sinek, author of the book, Start with Why.

6. Don’t be Lazy

  • Do not waste customers Time – makes them Angry
  • Be quick on your response
  • Ask them to wait while you review their query
  • Update ongoing task status
  • Increase chances of Refunds

When a customer wants to contact customer service, then you are already messed up with your situation. Feeling lazy, downright stupid, that is lacking customer service, and it might be a good Ad for your competitors. 🙂 “Think Twice”

As you can see ‘Sloth bear‘ in the picture, who is in Super Heroes costume, trying to be speedy. As he is already messed up with his laziness, where he cannot help. So you do not have just to wear that jacket but also use it to achieve your best customer support experience.

In this situation what happens is – one that company is going to lose their recurring payment from that customer and bad reviews help them to lose more customers. So this is why customer service has to be work as a Super Hero!!!

7. Maintain Support Channel

  • Live Chat – Online Chat – Crisp
  • CRM Tools (HelpScout)
  • Share your online and offline time
  • Share important Doc links, when offline

There are different ways to communicate, select your choice and go ahead.

Why it is so important to maintain your support channel and how?
It is important because customer believes and trust what they see or read. Every information shared that creates the value of your product.

Use any CRM tool to direct communicate with the customer, I use HelpScout, which allow me to differentiate all the emails. I can easily find the status of our support ticket, whether it is opened, closed, pending, waiting, working and many more.

8. Monitor Core Updates

  • Update your websites
  • Update version of your Plugin and Themes
  • Periodically check with different products compatibility
  • Check WordPress Version updates

Core Updates helps to improve our product and reduce compatibility issues, and conflicts problems. The version of your current product and the version shared on website should be the same.

The more you LEARN, the more you EARN

9. Greet your customer

Related image
  • Welcome your customer using their First Name
  • Research says, customer becomes more happy when they find personal attention.

Greetings is personal care, manners and responsibility.

“Your customer does not care how much you know, but how much you care”

10. Provide your personal Assurance

Many time we find statements that says:- –

“We are not responsible for any issues or damage caused.”

But what it should be –

  • Personal Commitment
  • You have my words to get it done
  • I will review it personally to resolve your query
  • I will personally take care of problem faced by you or inconvenience that caused.

This way customer feel relax and start trusting your products 🙂

11. Say Thank you!

“Customer is doing a favour by giving us the opportunity to serve”

Mahatma Gandhi –
  • Say Thank you when provide details
  • Say Thank you even if they complains
  • Say thank you for contacting
  • Say thank you for your purchase

12. Spend enough time with your customer

Customer need Speed, but it is not always a need. Instead spending enough time with customer will work way too good.

Overcome obstacles that faced by customer, due to lack of information shared.

It means, understand their requirement, and fulfil them as best you can.

Provide Discounts, Seasonal coupons, Coupons for First time visitors, this way you can engage your customer and help to grow your business.

13. Establish your guidelines

Create Positive environment in your Team

  • Establish your own guidelines
  • According to your company’s culture and business structure.

Team has to be positive to serve positive, outer energy is always affects the inner soul. It is also very important to share the company’r goal by providing the customer support service. When there is a proper guidance and understanding between the team, it is easy to get the journey begins and survive with the competitors.

14. Ask for testimonial


  • After providing Great Service – Ask Customer’s Testimonial
  • Take time to review those Testimonials
  • Use Social Media to share those reviews

I believe testimonial is a type of Mouth Marketing, your happy customer share good words about you, about your product, and about your customer support. I feel like a reward to me. When customer writes something, I feel that is something extra ordinary we did for them. That is your different skill from others, and keep doing! 🙂

15. Positive/Negative Feedback

  • The other important point is how to respond to Negative Feedback?
  • Many a time we think, whether to approve this feedback or how to respond to negative feedback?

Negative feedbacks or any suggestions from customers improve our products and services.

We build the product, plugin or themes, but the one who is going to use is ‘Customers,’ right? So it is possible after using the product there might have some chances, more ideas on features development, some bugs or issues with compatibility. All those reasons help us to grow and serve extra to our customer if we understand and attend them well. And that too with personal assurance. 😀

16. Close feedback loop

  • A closing loop is essential to maintain trust and relation with customers.
  • When Customer shares  his/her Feedback or review, Video testimonial,
  • You have to close this loop by responding your Thank you reply – quickly, on time.

Take time to writing your response, as time taken by your customer. That created healthy relation and trust.

17. Show empathy to Customer

“ I know, how important the product is to you”

“I understand, how upsetting it is”

“I understand your concerns”

Sometimes, it helps to show sympathy to someone, when he/she is in trouble. Give them a positive hope that you are going to solve this for them.

18. Use your word wisely


  • I don’t know
  • I can’t do this/I Can’t help you
  • “NO” it is not possible
  • (It diminishes the value of your business)


“Even if you do not know, say it in proper way”

  • End your answer with some positive light.
  • I am sorry, John, I would love to help you, but I do not have this information at this moment. Please allow me sometime and will get back to you shortly.

19. Welcome customers Complaints

Complaints are:

  • key to success
  • Helps to grow
  • To change

Take it positive

If you can find Why, You can probably work on How

Customer complains when they are dissatisfied, there might have any reasons. But most important is, put your leg in his boots and understand his situation as yours. This way you can easily connect with him.

No one is perfect in this world, that’s why we need to upgrade ourselves to stay updated. 🙂

20. Do extra for your customer

“ Always give more than they expect”

  • Create your Brand – Eg: Starbucks
  • Give your customer a reason to work with you.
  • This is something no one can copy it or buy it or sell it.

If you want to create a monopoly business in this competitive world, start giving extra to your customer. make your Brand that cannot be copied or steal. Be you and create your company’s face value, because what customer see before buying product is you ‘Customer Support’ they trust and start doing business.

What is that extra care? Have you visit Starbucks? If not try ones. As you can see in this picture, Starbucks staff happily write our name on coffee mug with some smilies sometime, that feels so special, right?

So like this way, you can add value to your business, and that helps to keep happy to your customers. By writing this name they are not going to charge some extra penny, right? But still they are doing this to share their love to their customers.

Find your special care and start working on it. 🙂

Those are few of my suggestions or an experience.

You can also review my Slide as below:-)

Wish you a GOOD LUCK Folks, and start working on this important points that will surely help you. If you need any further assistance, feel free to write to me. 🙂

What are some ways that your company monitors in customer service?

Comment below and will discuss. Would be glad to talk with you.  🙂  
Thanks for Reading!!!!


I’m a WordPress Fan and an artist by hobby, love to be with WordPress, solving problems, writing blog.

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